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Get Out There With Jamie Clarke

CBC Radio's newest segment, Get Out There with Jamie Clarke, airs every Thursday at 5:20pm on Southern Alberta's popular Homestretch program. Each week Jamie shares stories and advice collected over his many years as an outdoor adventurer and explorer. His segments are full of useful information, humorous and exciting stories, and important guidelines for adventure seekers of all skill levels. Get Out There with Jamie Clarke, is entertaining, informative, and most of all strives to inspire all Canadians to strap on their packs, unload their canoes, unfurl their tents, or lace up their boots and head out to find their own adventure, whether it's close to home or in the depths of the Canadian wild.

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Happy Hiker
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Inside Rats Nest Cave
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Camping Joy
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"Get Out There" with Jamie Clarke on CBC Radio

Tune into CBC Calgary's The Homestrech every Thursday at 5:20PM MDT to catch Jamie's radio column, or listen to the podcast whenever you like.

Stay tuned for next week's episode!

For more information on Jamie Clarke, visit: or email him at:

"Canada is one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the world. It's time to get out and enjoy it!"
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