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Live Out There Lifetime Membership

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Free shipping & returns in Canada!
Ships to: Canada & Continental U.S.


Buy a Lifetime Membership today and start saving right away:

  • Save 10% off almost every product we carry, all the time
  • Your discount even applies on sale items
  • Free shipping and free returns, as always
  • No annual fee
  • Discount applies automatically at checkout
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503 Customer Reviews

Overall Rating

Create a Review

We would like to hear your opinion. How would you rate & review the Lifetime Membership?

Jul 31, 2017 Gilberto
Jul 31, 2017
Great company!

I really like this website and the membership. I have purchased some products and I never had a problem with them!

Jun 22, 2017 Sunny
Jun 22, 2017
Must buy

This membership is a must buy. As a student, this makes purchases at Live Out There more affordable. I recommend this especially to those who wants to save and get the most of the discounts.

Jun 2, 2017 Arran
Jun 2, 2017
No brainer

It's the purchase that keeps on giving. Unless you only plan to buy a cheap pair of socks, once, it doesn't make sense not to get it. Great deal and pays for itself.

May 27, 2017 Lock
May 27, 2017
Love this company

Great company/website. Love the free shipping, good sales, great selection. Have recommended Live Out There to a few friends and coworkers.

May 16, 2017 Alex Vielfaure
May 16, 2017
Great Website and Service

This is probably one of the most user friendly websites I've come across. I also love that they are active on social media! Great job guys!

Mar 30, 2017 twofolks
Mar 30, 2017

Ordered an Osprey pack one day and it arrived the next.

How the heck can you criticize that kinda service!?!?! You can't!! lol

Great service guys! Will def purchase again!!!

Mar 23, 2017 Micky
Mar 23, 2017

I love shopping on this website. Great deals and free shipping.

Mar 9, 2017 AP
Mar 9, 2017
Just makes sense...

If you like the site, and you like the deals, what's better than an extra 10% off everything?! The first $200 you spend will pay for the membership, and the rest is just icing on the cake.

Mar 7, 2017 lolpy
Mar 7, 2017
best deal

It truly is the best deal! Pays itself off after the first purchase. Can't wait to keep buying from live out here!

Mar 6, 2017 Krasism
Mar 6, 2017

Great deal, you really can't go wrong. $20 well spent as I made that back and then some on my first purchase!

Feb 22, 2017 Claude
Feb 22, 2017
The best of two world.

Bought this lifetime membership for $19.99 and got an extra 10% discount on my first order which was already discounted.

Where can I go wrong?

Feb 20, 2017 Sauce
Feb 20, 2017

Well worth it, ended up saving more than the cost membership.

Feb 18, 2017 Kammerz
Feb 18, 2017
Why not?

Like many others, the cost of this lifetime membership was paid back with my first purchase. And I know that most of my future purchases will receive 10% off. Why wouldn't you sign up for this?

Feb 17, 2017 SK Local
Feb 17, 2017
Worth the money!

Found the online seller a few days ago and bought Ugg shoes at 40% plus discount for my wife. The Membership fees were paid back on the first purchase. Made few other purchases and enjoyed extra 10% discount. A good deal for sure!

Feb 15, 2017 MRS CHONG
Feb 15, 2017

Bought a pair of Ugg boots and membership at the same time. Would have ended up paying the same price for boots with or without membership except now I get extra 10% on all my future purchases! Definitely a good deal!

Feb 14, 2017 Aya
Feb 14, 2017
The best

This sold me on Live Out There forever. Great store.

Feb 13, 2017 Jes
Feb 13, 2017
I hummed and hawed...

I hummed and hawed over this a lot. But after seeing how fast it pays off I absolutely, positively have no regrets! Just get it, you will use it.

Feb 8, 2017 Wendy
Feb 8, 2017
Good deal

Membership will pay for itself! Actually a good deal compared to other online sites. I'm a happy customer!

Feb 7, 2017 Daryl
Feb 7, 2017
great deal

I will continue shopping here so it will pay off

Feb 3, 2017 Soo
Feb 3, 2017

Membership is a good deal. I bought 4 coats and I saved a lot of money.

Feb 3, 2017 Maddy
Feb 3, 2017

You gotta get it!!! After 2 of my orders it paid for itself. It gives you extra 10% off on each order. I have no regrets buying the membership and neither will you.

Jan 31, 2017 James Roche
Jan 31, 2017
Savings Galore!

I've had my account here for a while, so I got grandfathered into the membership. In getting this I've received hundreds of dollars in discounts... 10% really adds up each time you use it.

Jan 31, 2017 Joy
Jan 31, 2017
I love it!

Membership paid for itself on my first purchase. So the next time I placed an order, on top of the great prices I was saving even more! It's One of the reasons I keep checking the site for my fave brands.

Jan 30, 2017 Ian
Jan 30, 2017
Fabulous Bargain!

If you are buying an expensive item (and let's be honest, you're on this website for something expensive), you're always better off buying a membership now. You'll save money on your next purchase and the savings will break even on your first!

Jan 28, 2017 Eve
Jan 28, 2017
Great for savings

Great deals. Absolutely worth it!

Jan 28, 2017 MM
Jan 28, 2017
Worth it so far.

Free shipping, free returns (with shipping paid), discounts... it's what I want in an online shopping experience.

Jan 28, 2017 BKS
Jan 28, 2017
Need to get this

If you plan to buy a few things from this site, this lifetime membership is a must. I have already made back my money and know I will continue to save more.

Jan 27, 2017 Canada Climber
Jan 27, 2017
Lifetime Membership

Obvious choice to get the membership as it pays for itself fairly quick. I find myself keep checking back with LiveOutThere to compare prices as they often have good deals.

Jan 26, 2017 Dentman
Jan 26, 2017
Too easy to save $$

Do the math it only makes sense. Simple step to savings. Buy the membership.

Jan 25, 2017 Warren G
Jan 25, 2017

This is a great perk of this website. I bought the lifetime membership, then picked up a Mountain Hardware jacket and saved an additional $15 right there. If I buy even one more thing I will have made my money back! Great idea to keep repeat customers! And the gear you all sell is quality, so double bonus!!

Jan 25, 2017 Saengi
Jan 25, 2017
Great value!!!

Best membership value out there for only 20$!!!!

Jan 25, 2017 Eli
Jan 25, 2017

Good to have a Life Time Membership that is so great for a good price!

Jan 24, 2017 neko
Jan 24, 2017
totally worth it

Got this before Christmas, but already saved a bundle by making purchases during Boxing week sale. No brainer, it's a lifetime membership discount.

Jan 24, 2017 Wild Woman
Jan 24, 2017
Lifetime Membership Rocks!

it is super great to get 10% off and it is automatically applied each time you purchase something. So easy.

Jan 20, 2017 Hongnga
Jan 20, 2017
A no-brainer. No reason not to buy the membership.

Since my first purchase on Dec. 26, 2017, in less than a month, I have already saved $159 on my Lifetime Membership Discount.

Jan 20, 2017 Jason L
Jan 20, 2017
10% off always

It is good for the outdoor lovers, 10% off always!!
I love it!

Jan 20, 2017 Shortman
Jan 20, 2017
Buy this with your first purchase

Totally worth buying it especially if your first purchase is over $200 it literally pays for itself.

Jan 20, 2017 MS93
Jan 20, 2017
Worth every cent

Great that they offer this membership, based on my first order I definitely have received my money's worth already and will continue to enjoy future savings. Great purchase...a clear no brainer

Jan 20, 2017 BobbyM
Jan 20, 2017

What a great way to save extra even on sale products.

Jan 20, 2017 Jess
Jan 20, 2017
First purchase

Saved money on my first purchase even with the added cost of the membership. Now I save on all future purchases. Worth it

Jan 19, 2017 LS
Jan 19, 2017
Worth it

My husband and I bought two Arctery'x jackets over the Christmas season. Buying this membership saved us megabucks. I love that it's a one-time membership fee too. Definitely worth the price if you're buying some big ticket items.

Jan 19, 2017 PetrB
Jan 19, 2017
Lifetime membership

Pay for itself quickly,you get free shippings and free returns. Couldnt have a better deal

Jan 19, 2017 dallas
Jan 19, 2017
lifetime deal

seems expensive for 20$, however the perks are awesome. value for your money if you buy gear often.

Jan 19, 2017 Chad
Jan 19, 2017
Great Company and Service

Few things I look for in online shopping:
- great selection and inventory
- great return policy
- straight forward shopping cart layout
- takes PayPal , Credit Card , would be nice if they also take bitcoins
- most importantly , lots good deal can be found on this site

Jan 18, 2017 CDawn
Jan 18, 2017
Awesome Perk

This definitively is a great perk and it's great that's it's linked to my account vs. them sending me another card that I would probably otherwise lose...
worth the purchase for sure!!

Jan 18, 2017 C. Richardson
Jan 18, 2017
Save money on future purchases

I bought a bag worth 217$ before taxes therefore this membership saved me only 2$ on this purchase as I paid the 19.99 fee but On future purchases I will save the 10% even on sale items which is great. If you plan on buying more than once than it's worth it and I figured 2$ is better than nothing especially if I ever buy again. It's always free ret urns though so not sure of other advantages Continue reading

Jan 16, 2017 Jaygee
Jan 16, 2017
No doubt

So worth it, especially since I'm planning to continue buying on liveoutthere. Products are amazing.

Jan 15, 2017 Monique
Jan 15, 2017
Worth it

Membership paid for itself on my second order. Nice bonus of 10% off most items. Thanks Live out there!

Jan 14, 2017 kaka
Jan 14, 2017

The lifetime membership really saved me hundreds of dollars, highly recommend

Jan 13, 2017 iluken
Jan 13, 2017
Life Membership

The best membership I have. Every good value and I suggest everybody have it.

Jan 13, 2017 Roody
Jan 13, 2017
Paid for Itself

I purchased the Lifetime Membership on my first order and the discount I received paid for the membership. Looking forward to many more purchases and savings!!

Jan 12, 2017 Ontario Skiier
Jan 12, 2017

Why didn't I buy this 10 years ago?
I have bought so many things over so many years on this site, very consistent service and great product.

Jan 12, 2017 Samsa
Jan 12, 2017
Worth it

So worth it!

Jan 11, 2017 Ro
Jan 11, 2017
An upsell that's definitely worth it

Don't usually write reviews (doesn't everyone say this?) but I'm new to Live Out There and so far have been very impressed with the service, selection, and price. The lifetime membership is a no brainer with the higher priced items that I like, but I actually plan to use it many times over.

Jan 11, 2017 paul
Jan 11, 2017
very good deal

I get a lifetime 10% discount on quality products by many top brands like my favorite The North Face.

Jan 11, 2017 Custom
Jan 11, 2017
Love the Membership

This is a no brainer....Got this membership now and save on your purchases. It pays for itself pretty fast too!

Jan 11, 2017 Jon
Jan 11, 2017
Best value

Best $20 I ever spent! Saved a ton and it also applies to sale items too! Got 50% off arc'teryx which is rare...

Jan 11, 2017 AEB
Jan 11, 2017
Lifetime membership

I have loved the products I have bought and the discount with my membership

Jan 10, 2017 KL
Jan 10, 2017

Coupled with the frequent sales they have, it's a no-brainer to get this membership.

Jan 10, 2017 lindav
Jan 10, 2017
Worth It

Worth it if the product you're getting is more than $200+ since the discount would pay off the cost of the membership.

Jan 10, 2017 mars
Jan 10, 2017
Best value- and they're Canadian!

I end up spending more than I would because of this discount but it's very handy to have when you need to purchase outdoor wear/equipment.
Love this company and their policies too. I have never been disappointed in the service I've received.

Jan 9, 2017 SC
Jan 9, 2017
Best Value

The cheapest place to get all your outdoor clothing period.

Jan 9, 2017 gloryglory
Jan 9, 2017

so glad i've found this company. membership worthwhile after 2 purchases!

Jan 8, 2017 Ines
Jan 8, 2017
Added value

My friend told me about the membership and for such a low price it is great to have extra % off purchases for great products at already great prices. Well worth the extra investment.

Jan 7, 2017 ferialmom
Jan 7, 2017
Great Value

What's not to like! I fully recovered the cost of membership on my very first purchase! It gives you 10% off all purchases!

Jan 7, 2017 J.E.
Jan 7, 2017
Great Deal

Excellent to have a permanent discount. Paid for itself with first purchase savings.

Jan 6, 2017 slee
Jan 6, 2017

I love the membership discount. I bought 3 more coats. Also wanted to mention that the staff at liveouthere.com are very helpful.

Jan 6, 2017 Martine
Jan 6, 2017

I kept thinking every time I ordered something that I didn't need a membership. Why, oh why, didn't I do it sooner?!

Jan 5, 2017 sak
Jan 5, 2017

I love that it is lifetime! that extra 10% off adds up quickly! it paid for itself in one purchase :)

Jan 5, 2017 adam
Jan 5, 2017

A small price to pay for membership considered the additional perks you get. It pays for itself in the first 1-2 orders.

Jan 2, 2017 Fe2O3YYC
Jan 2, 2017
Awesome Deal

A great deal for anyone that occasionally buys from Out There!

Jan 2, 2017 Fe2O3YYC
Jan 2, 2017
Awesome deal!

A great deal for anyone that occasionally buys things from Out There!

Jan 2, 2017 Hugo
Jan 2, 2017
Good deals here I am

Amongst website discounts, this extra 10% will ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

Jan 2, 2017 Feng
Jan 2, 2017
Everyone should get this!

This membership is my best membership all time. 10% discount and true free return. I would not ask for more with it. Highly recommend!

Jan 2, 2017 Long
Jan 2, 2017
Very Generous

This lifetime membership is the best thing I’ve ever done with regard to online shopping. I get more than my money back with the very first purchase. The 10% discount on all purchases for a lifetime is absolutely generous.

Jan 2, 2017 Long
Jan 2, 2017
Very generous

This lifetime membership is the best thing I’ve ever done with regard to online shopping. I get more than my money back with the very first purchase. The 10% discount on all purchases for a lifetime is absolutely generous.

Dec 30, 2016 unki
Dec 30, 2016
Why wouldn't you get the membership?

Best value. Saved so much money just in one purchase. Makes the good prices on this site even better...

Dec 30, 2016 Jade
Dec 30, 2016

Great to be rewarded for loyalty.

Dec 29, 2016 Terrr
Dec 29, 2016
No brainer

Discount on my first order basically paid for the membership. Considering the great products available here, I'm certain I will save hundreds over time.

Dec 29, 2016 Terrr
Dec 29, 2016
Easy Decision

This was an easy decision for me. Live Out There carries the gear and brands I want and at competitive prices. The extra discount paid for itself on the first order .

Dec 28, 2016 Vin
Dec 28, 2016
Filson Day Pack

Excellent quality product at a great price. Great website, fast shipping. Hassle free experience.

Dec 25, 2016 BGrahamer
Dec 25, 2016
Arcteryx Saber Men's Jacket

Ordered my new Ski coat sunday....got it Thursday. Saved 20% which is great since Arcteryx products don't go on sale often. jacket fits a little bigger than expected but still perfect for layering and mobility. Can't wait to hit the hills with this beauty! Thanks LiveOutThere for your speedy service and great price!

Dec 25, 2016 lilianedicaire
Dec 25, 2016

J'adore le plein air, je n'en fais malheureuse pas asser.

Dec 22, 2016 MCGRAMMER
Dec 22, 2016
Definitely No-Brainer

No Brainer if your planning to drop a significant amount of money on Ski-wear from season to season! 10% off all season is pretty slick!

Dec 21, 2016 GK
Dec 21, 2016
Great Purchase

I was spending over $400 on a jacket - so buying this was pretty obvious, because it instantly paid for itself. And it's pretty great that it allows you access to free shipping, and 10% off EVEN on sale items. Definitely good to have!

Dec 20, 2016 Warren
Dec 20, 2016
A No Brainer

If you're spending over $200 then there really is no reason to not go for this. It was a pleasant surprise to get an even greater discount on my jacket.

Dec 20, 2016 Mawbster
Dec 20, 2016
Save Money

The Lifetime Membership is a no-brainer. This is a great site and best source for quality outdoor gear in Canada. The membership will pay for itself 10x, 20x or more over time. For me, it paid for itself on the first purchase and has been paying me back with every future order.

Dec 20, 2016 Mawbster
Dec 20, 2016
Great Value

The Lifetime Membership is a no brainer. It has paid for itself 20x over and will continue to do so.
Save Money, buy the $20 Lifetime Membership.

Dec 20, 2016 Rob
Dec 20, 2016
Great deal!

No brainer as discount was more than price of membership on my down jacket. Gives piece of mind when buying online for free returns and exchanges.

Dec 19, 2016 LydiaSuk
Dec 19, 2016
Saved $$$

I bought the membership when I purchase parajumpers for me and my husband and saved almost $200! More than worth it! Very recommended.

Dec 19, 2016 islandguy
Dec 19, 2016
Good deal

Pays for itself.

Dec 19, 2016 CC
Dec 19, 2016
Worth it.

If you spend more than $200 here, the membership pays for itself.

Dec 19, 2016 JFD53
Dec 19, 2016
No Brainer

I bought over $500 worth of Christmas gifts last month and took advantage of this offer which paid off on the first purchase. Daaaaahhh!

Dec 19, 2016 otrottier
Dec 19, 2016
Paid for itself on the first order!

Totally worth it if you plan to purchase even just from times to times here.

Dec 15, 2016 Satrilien
Dec 15, 2016
Great membership

I save the price of the membership and more with my first purchase.

Dec 15, 2016 Victoria
Dec 15, 2016
Totally worth it!

I am a newbie to Live out There, and have already placed 3 orders! The membership has paid for itself, and it's nice to have the peace of mind that shipping and returns are covered. Totally worth every penny!

Dec 15, 2016 Sherry
Dec 15, 2016
Save Money

If you buy an expensive jacket, it is worth to purchase life time membership. Although I never return any product to Live Out There, free return is also attractive.

Dec 15, 2016 Rockies Warrior
Dec 15, 2016
smart buy

Should have bought this sooner! Even gives you savings on sale items and its good for life!

Dec 15, 2016 Vince
Dec 15, 2016
Lifetime Membership

The lifetime membership for $20 is an excellent deal! I was able to use immediately with my first purchase. It even works on items that are on sale. The lifetime 10% membership more than paid for itself on my first purchase of Filson bags. Just get it, you won't regret it!

Dec 14, 2016 Lulu
Dec 14, 2016
Good Value

Great value. Has already paid for itself after 1 purchase!

Dec 14, 2016 Shelby
Dec 14, 2016
A must buy!

So worth the money to sign up for the membership. The membership will pay for itself and more upon your first purchase. Adds a lot of value.

Dec 14, 2016 mike
Dec 14, 2016

the 20 dollars spent saved me more than 20 dollars on my first purchase. it was a no brainer.

Dec 14, 2016 Ms.A
Dec 14, 2016
Worth getting

Good idea to get this Lifetime Membership especially if you are buying
More than 1 coat like I did & it really helps with the HST. I saved $90 &
Paid $20 for this Membership so I saved $70 & can still use it in the future

Dec 14, 2016 James
Dec 14, 2016
Living out there!

Product and service are outstanding. Worth every penny!

Dec 13, 2016 ruby
Dec 13, 2016
worth it

its very worth it.... the discount pays for itself :)

Dec 13, 2016 CH
Dec 13, 2016
Worth Every Dollar

If you plan to make regular purchases of clothing and gear then the lifetime membership is definitely worth it. In my first purchase I pretty much made my money back.

Dec 13, 2016 Andy
Dec 13, 2016
Lifetime Membership

The Lifetime Membership is a great idea. It provides excellent value every time a purchase is made.

Dec 13, 2016 L
Dec 13, 2016


Dec 13, 2016 Joe
Dec 13, 2016
Cheaper overall order

Paying $20 to get 10% discount is worth it.

Dec 13, 2016 M.L.
Dec 13, 2016
Join today, DON'T DELAY!

Do you not want a reduced price just for becoming a member?
10% additional savings off sale items, imagine that!
Free shipping and returns?
No annual fee and all this for free!
Can you afford NOT to join?
Best deal! What great customer service! Join today don't delay!

Dec 12, 2016 Caro
Dec 12, 2016
Worth every penny!

Worth every penny. Great customer service, great prices, super fast shipping and easy returns -and super happy to be supporting a local company!

Dec 12, 2016 Guan
Dec 12, 2016
Long-term investment

Placed an order of $200+, adding this to shopping basket actually LOWERED the total cost. Could use this discount in the future as well. Why not?

Dec 12, 2016 Vince
Dec 12, 2016
Makes sense to have

I broke even on the investment for the membership my first purchase of an Osprey pack. It's nearly a no-brainer to get it. Will be buying from here again

Dec 12, 2016 TheSecondCrump
Dec 12, 2016
Woolrich Wooly Bullly boot

I purchased the Woolrich Wooly Bully winter boots a couple weeks ago. So far these maybe the best boots I have ever bought for Alberta winters. They are just roomy enough to wear wool socks, but don't feel sloppy when walking. They look great with jeans, can be set up to slip on for shovelng snow or lace tight for hiking. I got these during a 50% o f sale which was another bonus. Continue reading

Dec 11, 2016 Bk1
Dec 11, 2016
Great Jacket & Price

I got the Pajar Benny jacket it was the best price by far offered by any retailer in Canada or the USA - the lifetime membership is a no-brainer too - saves you even more money. Very satisfied with purchase thanks!

Dec 11, 2016 Canoetripper
Dec 11, 2016
Lifetime Membership "Sweet Deal"!

It did not take me long to decide that Live Out There was for me. The choice of quality outdoor gear combined with free shipping and a permanent 10% discount were too good to pass up. This is the kind of online shopping site I had been hunting for.

Dec 10, 2016 Terry
Dec 10, 2016
Worth it!

Definitely worth the investment! I already got my money's worth and more with one purchase. I started purchasing from Live Out There last year, I wish I had gotten the membership earlier!

Dec 9, 2016 Earl
Dec 9, 2016
Membership Worth It

Recently found Live Out There and purchased the one time membership. Think it's well worth the cost if you intend to regularly purchase from the site, with a 10% off discount on everything, and it was easy to set up.

Dec 9, 2016 Esther
Dec 9, 2016
Pays for Itself

Love this and I can't wait to take advantage of it more. I love that you can use it to apply to your purchase right away. I had the membership in my cart along with another item and my item got discounted. No waiting for your next purchase to apply!

Dec 7, 2016 Bronco
Dec 7, 2016
Great deal

It don't get better than this. This lifetime membership beats the competition deal by 5%. That extra savings always takes care of the taxes plus more. This membership pays for its self in on purchase.

Dec 5, 2016 missingcod
Dec 5, 2016
spend a bit, save a lot

This simply makes sense as I got my money back on the first order.

Dec 1, 2016 Terry
Dec 1, 2016
A no-brainer

Got my money back on the first order. You don't have to think too hard on this purchase. Lifetime savings will be significant.

Nov 30, 2016 Steve
Nov 30, 2016
Totally worth it!

The price of the membership was paid off after a single purchase.

Nov 30, 2016 Hiker_Steve
Nov 30, 2016
How can you go wrong

How can you go wrong with getting 10% off including sale items!

Nov 29, 2016 Lucy
Nov 29, 2016
Good deal for membership

I think it is the best membership I ever joined. The free shipment and return already paid for the membership fee. And it is a lifetime membership, plus 10% off every order. It is well worth for what I paid for the membership. Super deal!

Nov 28, 2016 Wayne
Nov 28, 2016
Get the deal!

What a great way to shop at Liveoutthere.com
You get great prices, additional discount and free shipping and return for a minimal one time fee.

Nov 27, 2016 CTG
Nov 27, 2016
Pay a dime, save a dollar.

Sometimes you've got to pay a dime to save a dollar, right? Point is, if you're an outdoor fanatic whose gear needs are constantly evolving, the Lifetime Membership is totally worth the one-time fee of $20. Get the membership and start reaping the rewards effective immediately.

Nov 27, 2016 Andrew C
Nov 27, 2016
It pays for itself!

Literally bought this alongside an item that was $900 in which case the included membership discount took off more than I paid for the 'actual' membership. Its undoubtedly worth it if you plan on shopping here again and purchasing their pricier items.

Nov 25, 2016 Brian
Nov 25, 2016
Lifetime is a lot of skiing

Well, if you are a skier or boarder or winter outdoor type person, the Lifetime membership makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to buy quality clothing and gear, as I have. This membership has already paid for itself and I expect the lifetime discount will encourage me to stick with Live Out There, which is, in the end, the purpose of the m embership. It is loyalty program and I am happy right now to be loyal. Happy winter time folks! Continue reading

Nov 23, 2016 Theelsoms4
Nov 23, 2016
Good deal if you shop frequently

Purchased the life time membership as this site has become my go to now that they have brands like Hanwag and Fjall (it's a shame that you don't get the 10% on Fjall product though). The initial $20 cost has already paid for itself. Happy shopper.

Nov 23, 2016 CVD
Nov 23, 2016

Really worth it! It paid off with my first order!

Nov 21, 2016 cmarie
Nov 21, 2016
Worth it.

This is the membership that just keeps giving. Where else do you get 10% off of all items just for being a member. One pair of socks and this member ship is paid for. :)

Nov 21, 2016 Val Uski
Nov 21, 2016
Best way to go

I've saved several times over the $20.00 and I don't shop too often. Ten percent off a pair of boots or coat in addition to a sale discount? Awesome!!!

Nov 21, 2016 AB
Nov 21, 2016
Payed for itself

Buying this saved me more money on my first purchase

Nov 19, 2016 OK Dokie
Nov 19, 2016
It's Worth Every Penny!

Every time I shop online, I come here to do it. It's because of the lifetime membership! It's worth every penny I spent on buying it. I've only shopped here more than 48 times now, and I wish that I had bought the membership sooner!!!!

Nov 18, 2016 Austin
Nov 18, 2016
Worth it

Definitely worth it even if you don't purchase much online!

Nov 18, 2016 Alex
Nov 18, 2016
Seems the obvious choice

If you buy a lot this little upgrade is totally worth it!

Nov 17, 2016 Anthony
Nov 17, 2016
It's a no brainer!

Buy this. It will save you money you can use to buy more stuff. And you'll save on that stuff too. And your life will be better.

Nov 15, 2016 MONKEYSLICK
Nov 15, 2016

After only 2 purchases it has already paid for itself...so now its just more money in my pocket.

Nov 13, 2016 Nat
Nov 13, 2016
Worth it

The 10% discount has definitely added up!

Nov 9, 2016 terrrbear
Nov 9, 2016
A No-brainer

Buying the membership was an easy decision for me. Live Out There has an amazing array of quality gear and clothing and the discount I received on the first order almost paid for it completely . Looking forward to spending some time checking out the website.

Nov 8, 2016 Jean
Nov 8, 2016
Lifetime Membership

Am thrilled with the extra 10% off products, shipping and returns have all been excellent.

Nov 8, 2016 Nitsan
Nov 8, 2016

Easy purchase that gives you further discounts. Recommended!

Nov 7, 2016 Beachbum
Nov 7, 2016
Good value

Bought a coat on sale and bought this lifetime membership. Received additional discount and shipping included! It will pay for itself by Christmas this year!

Nov 7, 2016 MC
Nov 7, 2016
Lifetime Membership

Great idea to get it if you plan to spend more than two hundred dollars.

Nov 4, 2016 TL
Nov 4, 2016
Buy it? Duh!

10% off all products including sale items AND it's lifetime? Do I need to say more?

As Shia Labeouf once said, "DO IT!! Just do it!!"

Nov 1, 2016 KC
Nov 1, 2016
Do it

If you plan on buying often from this site, save yourself some cash by immediately buying the membership. It'll end up paying for itself in no time!

Nov 1, 2016 Ris
Nov 1, 2016
Why not?

10% off lifetime membership, why not? You'll make it back eventually!

Oct 26, 2016 CL
Oct 26, 2016
Why Not

Why wouldn't you buy it? Paid for itself with one order. Great idea.

Oct 26, 2016 Marg
Oct 26, 2016
great deal/idea

I recently discovered Live Out There. Loving the deals/selections and knowing I'll be buying my outdoors gears here, I decided to get the Lifetime Membership and it has paid for itself already!! Easy to use. Very happy:)

Oct 26, 2016 JB
Oct 26, 2016
Worth it

Well worth the price even as an occasional buyer

Oct 20, 2016 Conradh
Oct 20, 2016
Get it!

Saw the advise on the reviews to get lifetime membership from the beginning and not regretting it for a moment!! You will definitely be back to order more!! Pays for itself! Great deal!

Oct 18, 2016 kat1976
Oct 18, 2016
Worth every penny

I really love this idea of saving money with every purchase. What a deal! Makes me want to shop here all the time.

Oct 18, 2016 Charlie Whiskey Tango
Oct 18, 2016
Totally worth it.

One time non-recurring membership for life? Awesome.
Pays for itself with your first $200 spent? Awesome.
Easy application process? Awesome.
Keeps you coming back to the Live Out There site?
Some brands exempted? Not ideal but what can you do, this is still a great deal. Just note which brands are exempted so you aren't
disappointed when you go to check out. Continue reading

Oct 13, 2016 cg.lets
Oct 13, 2016
Spyder Enforcer Jacket

Love Live out There's free shipping and returns. Did not need to return with the Spyder enforcer jacket. I have not yet tried it on the slopes but it is easy to tell this jacket is built for active outdoor people. The fit is perfect for me (I am 5'10" 160lbs). Pockets are in all the right places and I love the collar vents so your goggles won' t fog and jacket won't ice up when breathing hard into the jacket collar on a cold day. Continue reading

Oct 11, 2016 Karen
Oct 11, 2016
Great idea, but read fine print

I got an email informing me about this membership, and in the email it said that there were no brands exempted from the discount. I went ahead and purchased the membership without reading the terms and conditions too carefully, and it turns out there are a couple of brands that have opted out, one of them being Patagonia. I only bought this members hip thinking I could save on my Patagonia purchase! Luckily I did get a price adjustment when I talked to the customer service rep (thanks for the great customer service!) but just to other customers out there, learn from my mistake and read the terms and conditions carefully! This aside, if you plan on making any purchases (in any of the other brands that aren't exempt) that total $200 or more, this membership will have already paid for itself so it is quite a good deal! Continue reading

Oct 10, 2016 KB
Oct 10, 2016
Great loyalty program

Great program that keeps paying customers back

Oct 8, 2016 Eli
Oct 8, 2016
Buy with a big order

Buy with a big order and then hopefully can use for next ones if you find other interesting items to buy

Oct 6, 2016 Mark
Oct 6, 2016
Seems like a no brainer

Will pay itself back in no time, you can't really go wrong.

Oct 4, 2016 Dee
Oct 4, 2016
Can't lose

Pays for itself in no time. Great prices made even better!

Oct 1, 2016 LisaD
Oct 1, 2016
Paid back in no time

If you shop a fair amount from live out there then it's well worth the membership. Love that u get the extra 10% off even on sale items. It pays for itself in no time!

Sep 30, 2016 Brigitte Riendeau
Sep 30, 2016
Se paie tout seul!

J'aurais dû l'acheter à ma première commande!

Sep 29, 2016 karm
Sep 29, 2016
definitely a solid buy

once you buy $200 worth you save $20 and break even, but you continue to get 10% off and free returns which is great. it's even more worthwhile when buying on sale items

Sep 29, 2016 Coola
Sep 29, 2016
Why wouldn't you get it?

If you like buying outdoor gear, saving some money, and shopping at this site, this is a no brainer. It's easy to save more than $20 on this site, so why wouldn't you get it?

Sep 29, 2016 Dirk
Sep 29, 2016
Best $20 I ever spent

I have already recouped my $20. Once your order total passes $200 you are saving 10% off everything you buy. And since it's lifetime not yearly, I will continue to save 10% on orders next year and from now on. So do yourself a favour and join before you order anything. I keep an eye out for sales and the extra 10% comes off even if the item is alre ady discounted. A lot of places only give a discount on full price merchandise, this is much more useful for bargain hunters like me. Continue reading

Sep 28, 2016 Sylvie
Sep 28, 2016
Worth it

An extra 10% off is always a good thing!

Sep 26, 2016 Carsino
Sep 26, 2016
No Brainer

This is the easiest way to search and find awesome outdoor adventure gear. I'm confident that I'll be a long time customer and will quickly see a cost benefit to this $20 membership.

Sep 23, 2016 Pat
Sep 23, 2016
Gotta get it

Can't go wrong with an extra 10% off!

Sep 21, 2016 Kerstin Gunnel
Sep 21, 2016

I buy almost exclusively clothing and footwear online. Your membership terms are generous and an excellent incentive to stay with your business. I bought it at the same time as my first purchase from you and it has paid for itself already by now. Thank you for a well run, well organized site!

Sep 19, 2016 Josh
Sep 19, 2016
A must-have

Great membership perks. Extra 10% off? Who wouldn't love that? *thumbs up*

Sep 15, 2016 sking
Sep 15, 2016

No question about it - Membership has it's privileges! Who doesn't love free shipping/free returns?! And you'll want to make up a question just to chat with the delightful staff.

Sep 14, 2016 Kim
Sep 14, 2016

I get to save money and shipping, they get a customer for life, -awesome idea.

Sep 14, 2016 Kim
Sep 14, 2016
A great idea

This product is super helpful and a great idea for both consumer and company - I save money, but I'm also much more likely to buy more gear through the site because of the discount and free shipping!

Sep 12, 2016 fan
Sep 12, 2016
really good deal

highly recommend for everyone

Sep 11, 2016 HGraham
Sep 11, 2016
Lifetime Membership is good value

I have some Arc'teryx and Icebreaker gear that does not seem to go on sale much. The membership is a great way to get that little extra off the price. After 2 months I have already recovered my costs. Great idea.

Sep 6, 2016 islanderinthenorth
Sep 6, 2016
You will use it

It just makes sense if your orders going to be over $200
and if its your first time to this site get the membership now because you WILL be back.

Sep 6, 2016 b
Sep 6, 2016
great deal

Well worth it!
It pays for itself with a larger order.

Sep 5, 2016 Anon
Sep 5, 2016
Instant value

Instant savings!

Sep 2, 2016 Crystal
Sep 2, 2016
Will keep using it

Always purchase with a awesome price!

Aug 30, 2016 Norah
Aug 30, 2016

Great idea that will make me continue purchasing from liveouthere.com!

Aug 29, 2016 Marilyn
Aug 29, 2016

I like the principle, it'll be a great incentive to buy from Live Out There.

Aug 28, 2016 Ray
Aug 28, 2016
Best Value Ever if shop here a lot

Best Value Ever if you shop here a lot, it's a no brainer

Aug 28, 2016 Inverlea
Aug 28, 2016
Amazing deal!

I bought my lifetime membership on my first visit to Live Out There. I purchased three Helionox ground chairs, which were already on sale at a great price and still
Got an additional 10% off. I saved enough on the 3 chairs (I bought the last chairs in stock) that I was able to purchase a 4th chair at another retailer with my savings. 4 for t
he price of 3. Shipping is quick
And hassle free. Love this company!
Continue reading

Aug 26, 2016 nicole
Aug 26, 2016
Great choice

I'm so happy I've decided to go for Lifetime Membership! I usually hesitate do sign up for any memberships anywhere but this totally worth it. There is so much amazing product that I don't need to look anywhere else, really. Who doesn't like to always have extra % on top of everything? Love to balance out the tax this way!

Aug 25, 2016 kristen
Aug 25, 2016
Do it

The membership paid for itself with my first purchase and it's great every time to save!

Aug 25, 2016 Kgrizz
Aug 25, 2016
Love it

The lifetime membership really just pays for itself. You get to save every time and it's totally worth it!

Aug 25, 2016 Walt
Aug 25, 2016
Mountain Hardware Ghost 3 Tent

I bought the Mountain Hardware Ghost 3 tent. Delivery time was amazing I received ii within a couple of days(much quicker than I expected). The set up of the tent is easy and quick. I would recommend this product from Live Out There.

Aug 24, 2016 gaetan
Aug 24, 2016
It's worth it! No Brainer

This is a no brainer! Buy this. You will get your money back after a few orders or even on the first order. You get a discount for all your next orders son it's worth it!

Aug 23, 2016 John
Aug 23, 2016
Easy Decision that pays for itself

This is a no-brainer. My membership has nearly paid for itself in a short time. The selection, prices and service at Live Out There are enough to have me coming back and a permanent 10% discount is a bonus. Highly recommended!

Aug 22, 2016 Simon
Aug 22, 2016

It's just logical to be a member. I recovered the cost of the membership in just 2 orders!

Aug 22, 2016 Simon
Aug 22, 2016

Just logical to be a lifetime member. I recovered the cost in savings in just two orders!

Aug 22, 2016 Debbi
Aug 22, 2016
Great deal

You can't beat the Lifetime Membership. I have placed 3 orders which more than paid for my membership, you don't pay shipping and there is always a return postage paid label in each order. Well worth it. And "Live Out There" is a Canadian company.

Aug 19, 2016 Dawn
Aug 19, 2016
Great value.

First purchase saved me $10. A good website to purchase outdoor staff. Will recommend to anyone.

Aug 19, 2016 WCKD Marketing
Aug 19, 2016
Great Idea

The opportunity to save 10% with this Lifetime Membership - even on sale items - keeps me coming back for more!

Aug 18, 2016 Andrea
Aug 18, 2016
Do it!!!!

Should have bought it with my first purchase as it would have saved me 15 bucks right away. Learned my lesson and bought it after, been saving ever since! It's really great when you get to use it on sale items!!!

Aug 18, 2016 Camper
Aug 18, 2016
Suunto Core ALL BLACK & Membership!

I recently bought a Suunto watch from Liveoutthere. I signed up for the membership and got the discount immediately. No issues with shipping or the watch. I called to speak to a representative also and she was very helpful! The order was delivered and showed up a day early too! Overall great experience!

Aug 17, 2016 Titoine
Aug 17, 2016
Its logical!

Its logical to get this membership because you ll save more than it cost!!! This site is honest, fast shipping and good quality products. Buy whitout any hesitation

Aug 16, 2016 Eric S
Aug 16, 2016
$200+ order, add this!

This pays for itself on any order of $200+. Takes 10% off the sale price of any items in your cart. it will automatically apply the discount to other items on your cart at the time you purchase the membership.

Aug 16, 2016 michsamko
Aug 16, 2016
Great value!

Saved the money from the membership cost on my first purchase!Definitely will encourage me to buy more products. Im excited to buy more products!

Aug 16, 2016 Jp
Aug 16, 2016
Well worth it

Makes financial sense!

Aug 14, 2016 deus
Aug 14, 2016
Fantastic value

Lifetime membership is worthwhile in one large purchase. Great value. I'd highly recommend it.

Aug 12, 2016 Laurier
Aug 12, 2016
Interesting membership!

Please to be register to the Lifetime Membership!
Definitely worth the money.
I recovered the membership fee on my first purchase..

Aug 8, 2016 UDAY
Aug 8, 2016
worth it

Definitely worth the money. I recovered the membership fee on my first purchase.....and its valid for life time to boot.

Aug 8, 2016 Kev
Aug 8, 2016
Love it

Fits tru to size. 100% waterproof lifetime membership. Love it!!

Aug 5, 2016 Rich
Aug 5, 2016
Worth every penny

Saved me more than what I paid for the membership. Definitely worth it if you buy anything more than $400.

Aug 5, 2016 Robert
Aug 5, 2016
Lifetime Membership

What a fantastic idea. My first purchase paid for the membership and now I have a 10% off for life. This also includes sale items. You cannot go wrong if you plan to purchase from this company which I strongly recommend. Keep up the good work.

Aug 5, 2016 Seb
Aug 5, 2016
Great store

I save a lot on my first purchase even with the membership cost. Will buy from you again.

Aug 5, 2016 Larry
Aug 5, 2016
Great Deal - Lifetime Membership

Became a member for life and receive the discount each time you purchase online. Made two purchases, and recovered the amount of the membership, super fast, and pays for itself in no time.

Aug 2, 2016 Chris
Aug 2, 2016
Fantastic Investment

Such a great way to save 10 percent every single time you order. For me that is the taxes and it came add up fast on larger purchases. Good on you team!

Aug 2, 2016 Pete R
Aug 2, 2016

Purchased on my first visit. The cost was offset by the savings. Now after my second purchase, the total cost is covered and is a great incentive to visit this site first.

Jul 30, 2016 mrskrahndashian
Jul 30, 2016
this is gold

so pumped about my new membership! totally worth it!

Jul 29, 2016 david
Jul 29, 2016
best idea

the lifetime membership was paid with my first purchase
and now I got 10% on my next orders...what more could you ask for

Jul 28, 2016 ehrenc
Jul 28, 2016
Worth picking up

Depending on your purchase, even just one purchase -- this membership can save you quite a bit. It's worthwhile.

Jul 28, 2016 choreoemily
Jul 28, 2016
Worth it!

Made this back in my first purchase. Seriously, worth it. Plus this company is super great about returns and everything; both my dad and I are members now and we love it!

Jul 26, 2016 Pashley
Jul 26, 2016

This membership is definitely worth it. I didn't realize it existed until after my first purchase. I emailed Liveoutthere.com about it and they applied the 10% discount retroactively and I received the refund promptly. Very happy!

Jul 25, 2016 PeteSingh
Jul 25, 2016
Best Membership ever!

Lifetime discount on all purchases (including sale items, which they have quite frequently) = no brainer!!!

Jul 25, 2016 Speis
Jul 25, 2016
Life time member

Like money in the bank !!

Jul 24, 2016 Mikdnaldo
Jul 24, 2016

Live Out There should be your go to site for anything outdoors, why not save even more?

Jul 22, 2016 branny44
Jul 22, 2016
It's a no brainer

Applies discount right at checkout. Applied on sale items too!

Jul 21, 2016 Sheclimbs
Jul 21, 2016
Why didn't I do this sooner?

You know you're going to spend money on here, just buy a membership the first time - it will be worth it!

Jul 18, 2016 Didi
Jul 18, 2016
Great membership.

I should've bought the lifetime membership a long time ago.

Jul 12, 2016 Ben
Jul 12, 2016
This is probably a good deal

This membership paid for itself and saved me money on my first product purchase. Now I will consider Live Out There for everything I buy, because I know I save at least 10%. Nice one.

Jul 10, 2016 Half Fast
Jul 10, 2016
Great Value

Excellent value. Combine the Lifetime 10% with savings on sale items for great pricing. One purchase has saved the membership fee. Sweet deal!

Jul 7, 2016 Axemand
Jul 7, 2016
Spend $200 and it's free!

I mean, you'll probably spend it anyway...

Jul 7, 2016 rjr2005
Jul 7, 2016
Lifetime Membership

This is a fantastic offer, far more inclusive than any membership that I have ever applied for!! For Live Out There's one time fee and the rewards included in this Membership are just simply too foolish to ignore. If a person wants or needs any particular product this MEMBERSHIP IS A MUST!! If you're not sure about their offers YOU have to give i t a try. I have found their service, products and pricing most competitive and have never been disappointed. Products arrive most expeditiously and well packaged. This is a site YOU NEED to EXPLORE!! ENJOY!! Continue reading

Jul 5, 2016 Johnny Utah
Jul 5, 2016
No brainer!

You'd be crazy not to get in on this one! GST is 5% and you save 10%
Thanks live out there!

Jul 5, 2016 Mo
Jul 5, 2016
Good deal

I bought the membership while making my first purchase on the site, which was a pair of hiking boots, so it ended up working out to be something like only $10 for the membership since it saved me 10% on that very purchase, which I think is a great deal.

Jul 3, 2016 Nick
Jul 3, 2016

Should have done this on my previous orders! It's already paid for itself after a another $250 order.

Jul 1, 2016 Bobby
Jul 1, 2016

An extra 10% off everything. I should have bought this a long time ago.

Jun 30, 2016 Michelle
Jun 30, 2016
Great purchase

I got this since I was already buying $200 worth, so got my money back immediately! I should have bought this earlier though and could have applied this to my other purchases, an additional 10% off is pretty awesome!

Jun 27, 2016 Skier d
Jun 27, 2016

Excellent opportunity, no brainer, just do it!

Jun 26, 2016 YonyC
Jun 26, 2016
Totally worth it!

My very first purchase after I got this lifetime membership was a 200+ dollar tent; With the additional 10% off with this membership, I got my membership money back in no time!

Jun 25, 2016 JG
Jun 25, 2016

Worth it!

Jun 24, 2016 Burton
Jun 24, 2016
Great Value

Got it before my first purchase with Live Out There, for my Arc'Teryx Alpha SV jacket, the savings on this purchase paid back 3 times of the membership fee already! This is a very good deal as a lifetime membership! Highly recommended!

Jun 23, 2016 Geoff
Jun 23, 2016
Good Value

Got it on sale for $10, so only need to spend $100 over my lifetime to make it worthwhile. Hard to pass up a deal like that.

Jun 23, 2016 BJ
Jun 23, 2016
Love Live Out There!

The lifetime membership is fantastic! I made a mistake and didn't buy it on my first purchase here as my first purchase was under $200. Inevitably I was back at this amazing store and have subsequently bought it. The discount applies on sale items! Can't argue with that. Thanks Live Out There!

Jun 23, 2016 Vince
Jun 23, 2016
very efficient

The life time membership is easy and is a great deal for life. By adding you 10% on stuff already on sale you can have access to very sweet deals.
Worth it !

Jun 22, 2016 Vancouver Island
Jun 22, 2016
Money well spent

I wasn't sure about the lifetime membership when I first went to Live Out There, but I realized you can't really go wrong.
One purchase of $200 or more and you've paid for it and it's a one time cost.
The service provided by Live Out There is second to none. I had an issue with a store credit not showing up; sent an email questioning
it; and within an hour I had a response and the problem was resolved.
Free shipping on anything you buy (no minimum purchase) is a bonus too.
Continue reading

Jun 18, 2016 Wai
Jun 18, 2016
Good value

I feel that the membership is good value. Free shipping and returns was most attractive. For any of my online shopping, having free shipping and returns, makes the entire experience more seamless. I am more likely to purchase something because of that. It is just a bonus to me that Liveoutthere has a great selection and good everyday prices.

Jun 14, 2016 Charles
Jun 14, 2016
Why wouldnt you?

Getting the membership is not a difficult decision. I like saving money.

Jun 13, 2016 Brennon
Jun 13, 2016
Why not?

For the price it'd be foolish not to purchase the membership!

Jun 13, 2016 Cullen
Jun 13, 2016
How could you not?

Gear option for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. As someone just getting into backcountry hiking this helped me a lot.

Jun 9, 2016 Billy
Jun 9, 2016
Lifetime Membership

Purchasing this is a must if you're a gear head like me!

Jun 8, 2016 Shoe
Jun 8, 2016
Why Not?

It essentially pays for itself on the first use! What a great idea! Glad I found this company! Completely worth it!

Jun 8, 2016 Mart
Jun 8, 2016
For life

Awesome deal, it make sens from the first purchase. Buy it, it worth it !!

Jun 7, 2016 Nicolas
Jun 7, 2016

From the first purchase, it pays to take a lifetime membership for an 10% saving, on every order. Don't think too much about this, it's totally worth it!

Jun 6, 2016 Kristel
Jun 6, 2016
Lifetime Membership

It is a great deal, it paid for itself with the first round of purchases so worth it because it works on items that are on sale.

Jun 2, 2016 DAVID
Jun 2, 2016
Lifetime Membership

For a regular customer, this is a no brainer!
Get this, save 10% every time I order.
Good quality clothing!

Jun 2, 2016 Yannick
Jun 2, 2016
Already profitable

Bought it, applied it, saved more than it's value already! And it applies on TOP of any other discount. Pretty much turned me into a gear freak... damn!

Jun 2, 2016 Peter
Jun 2, 2016

Well worth the lifetime membership, paid for itself with one order, and continue to reap the benefits of the additional discount on top of often already discounted items.

May 30, 2016 Cullen
May 30, 2016
Great business, great membership

Worth every penny. At this point I can't see myself not being a long time supporter of this site.

May 27, 2016 lee
May 27, 2016
buy this right now

This was a great decision for everyone involved.
I prefer liveoutthere because of this discount and it has already saved me money.
I now constantly find myself searching to see if liveouthere has whatever I want that
I see from another store.
Discount + return customer

May 26, 2016 Jgp
May 26, 2016
No brainer

Paid for itself on my first purchase, add the fact that it applies to all purchases and sale items and it's a no brainer. Should have bought this sooner.

May 24, 2016 Jperry
May 24, 2016
No thanks!

I have been a member for years then the van come along! With next to nothing & only one size most times!
Over the last 2 years your prices are way up & the deals of old are all but gone!

You ask me to pay $20 to get less of a deal than the old prices that got you were you are today!

It's to the point th
at your emails are annoying & I'm thinking of unsubscribing and maybe check on you at Christmas time at the most.
Sorry it's come to this.

Continue reading

May 21, 2016 Erynstew
May 21, 2016
I love it!

Love out there continues to give me great deals on awesome stuff. This lifetime membership is great

May 20, 2016 Jason
May 20, 2016
Great value

Totally worth it, bought this with a backpack and already paid off itself.

May 18, 2016 Sonja
May 18, 2016
A great shirt

This shirt is versatile, going from restaurant to biological field work. The sun proofing is effective in the hot Okanagan sun as is the venting.

May 17, 2016 coho
May 17, 2016
best one

pays for it self. you can compare to other sites and it still won't beat it.

May 13, 2016 Horbzzz
May 13, 2016
Lifetime membership

Great value for the price, pays for itself!

May 13, 2016 Horbzzz
May 13, 2016
Lifetime membership

Great value for the price. Pays for itself!

May 12, 2016 Mark
May 12, 2016
Lifetime Membership

Seems a great value for money so far

May 3, 2016 HL
May 3, 2016
Makes sense!

10% off is a great deal. Pays for itself in the first couple of purchases.

May 2, 2016 yz
May 2, 2016
good value

I got this membership together with my first purchase.
It is really a good deal, and the service is awesome.

Apr 28, 2016 kk
Apr 28, 2016
Lifetime membership

Live out there has great products and sometimes you get an incredible deal or two. Plus, with this membership you get an additional 10% off everything and free returns.

Apr 26, 2016 LB
Apr 26, 2016
good value

A lifetime discount for a one-time purchase is a really good deal! I'm glad I got this membership.

Apr 21, 2016 Yi
Apr 21, 2016

Very happy to shop at Live Out There site.
I got this membership together with my first purchase.
It is really a good deal, and the service is awesome.
Love it!

Apr 20, 2016 Shelly
Apr 20, 2016
Worth it

Paid for itself in two purchases.

Apr 18, 2016 Brett
Apr 18, 2016
Good deal.

There are lots of good discounts on this site. This one is good to add on top of it.

Apr 13, 2016 Sophie
Apr 13, 2016
Great money saver

Definitely would recommend the lifetime membership. Saved me a bunch on my first order, literally paid for itself and more!

Apr 13, 2016 Dennis
Apr 13, 2016
Great option

Small little helper that makes life easy and hassle free. Free shipping and returns + 10%, what else here to ask?

Apr 10, 2016 AleR
Apr 10, 2016
A Must!

The lifetime membership is a must! It provides many great benefits and pays for itself in one order.

Apr 8, 2016 BT40
Apr 8, 2016
Excellent Idea

10% off everything, even sale price. Along with fast free shipping & returns this is a no brainer. My favourite outdoor clothing store!

Apr 7, 2016 Tracey
Apr 7, 2016
Lifetime Membership

Greatest idea....ever. I had only learned about this company/website recently from a friend. I thought I'd give it a try. I found exactly what I wanted (an Icebreaker wrap), in my size and with my membership I got Free Shipping. I heartily recommend.

Apr 2, 2016 Nc
Apr 2, 2016
Great value

Got my membership fee back and more in my first order.

Apr 1, 2016 Chris
Apr 1, 2016
Worth it

Great idea! If you're shopping here, anyway - and why wouldn't you? - you should definitely get this membership and save some money!

Mar 24, 2016 gka743
Mar 24, 2016
Worth it!

This pays for itself if you make a purchase over $200! Definitely worth it!

Mar 23, 2016 EvanO
Mar 23, 2016
Great Deal!

Lifetime membership definitely worth it! Will pay itself off in no time!

Mar 22, 2016 GF
Mar 22, 2016
Definitely worth it!

Great website. Trustworthy. Good deals.
A lot of publicity emails though!

Mar 22, 2016 Joan
Mar 22, 2016
Just buy it!

Once you buy something here and save yourself some money, you know you'll be back again and want to save again. So do yourself a favour and buy yourself a membership so you can save $$ every time you shop! Also their shipping is incredibly fast! I doubt you'll regret purchasing the membership.

Mar 21, 2016 MountainMike
Mar 21, 2016
One happy camper

A friend showed me this website and I was hooked from the start! They've got lots of great brands and selection which I buy regularly and there are always good discounts and sale items! I've referred many people so far who are just as happy as myself. The great part of this all is that it's a Canadian company, the shipping is free and very fast, an d the customer service is quick to answer questions. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more great products! Continue reading

Mar 18, 2016 Nutt
Mar 18, 2016
Lifetime Membership

I can't believe I waited so long to buy this…paid for itself in one purchase, and Im on this site a lot. WELL WORTH IT!

Mar 17, 2016 Jay
Mar 17, 2016

It pays for itself within your first few purchases. It's lifetime membership at a set price that applies to all purchases including sale items. Simple.

Mar 17, 2016 Shoeboy
Mar 17, 2016

The membership pays for it self with one purchase. From then on it is like everyday is a sale. Do yourself a favour, take the plunge, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Mar 12, 2016 CanadianMom
Mar 12, 2016
Paid for itself

Great purchase! Paid for itself on my first purchase. It's a must have!

Mar 10, 2016 LeeLee
Mar 10, 2016
This is a great deal, must do!!

Has already saved me more than double the cost! Definitely a must get.

Mar 10, 2016 Wendy
Mar 10, 2016

It is great to get an extra 10% off each time you buy something

Mar 5, 2016 Cboss
Mar 5, 2016

Instant savings. This is where I come for all my outdoor gear now.

Mar 4, 2016 Annie
Mar 4, 2016
Pourquoi pas

À chaque achat un rabais
À ne pas manquer
Pourquoi pas
Excellent moyen d'économiser

Mar 4, 2016 chenghu
Mar 4, 2016

I use it for many jackets,very value!

Mar 2, 2016 Seb
Mar 2, 2016
Already paid for itself!

Just bought new snowshoes along with the membership. It paid for itself :-)

Mar 2, 2016 Mkmh
Mar 2, 2016

Great value, especially if you are purchasing more expensive items.

Mar 1, 2016 Brian
Mar 1, 2016
The Lifetime Membership is awesome

The Lifetime Membership is the best way to save money and really good for everyone

Mar 1, 2016 Thumper
Mar 1, 2016
is this for real/

I just love this site! Great product and quality, decent pricing, free shipping, and now 10% off all the time? wow!

Mar 1, 2016 Shoeboy
Mar 1, 2016
No Brainer

LiveOutThere has some great stuff, all it takes is to purchase one item to pay for the membership and don't forget the free return shipping. A no brainer.

Feb 29, 2016 Meghan
Feb 29, 2016
Great value, great company

The membership is totally worthwhile if you think you'll spend more than $200 here... not to mention it's great supporting a Canadian company and their customer service is fantastic. LOVE the free returns!

Feb 24, 2016 Greglet
Feb 24, 2016

Paid for itself in first purchase. Definitely the way to go.

Feb 18, 2016 Pldg
Feb 18, 2016
Best deal going

Paid for itself in two orders.

Feb 17, 2016 Mari0
Feb 17, 2016
Well worth it

Pays for itself!

Feb 16, 2016 livefortheweekend
Feb 16, 2016
Can't go wrong if you're making a large purchase. Paid for itself!

Well worth it.

Feb 11, 2016 Pomefrum
Feb 11, 2016
Pays for itself super quick

No reason not to get the membership if you see yourself purchasing a few items from this site. Great site with good sales makes the membership a no-brainer!

Feb 11, 2016 Philippe
Feb 11, 2016

A lifetime 10% off for 19,99$.
It's a deal

Feb 10, 2016 Lo123
Feb 10, 2016

Happy to support a great company and love the perks of the membership. Has already paid for itself :)

Feb 10, 2016 outdoorsenthusiast
Feb 10, 2016
Lifetime Membership

I'm hoping over time that my membership will pay for itself. The 10% discount is appreciated as I do shop around to get the best products and value for my money.

Feb 9, 2016 JC Lajoie
Feb 9, 2016
Excellent service. Quick shipping.

The jacket is great. Light and warm.

Feb 8, 2016 Courto
Feb 8, 2016
Great perk!

Saves a ton over time! I buy all my outdoor wear and sportswear here, so it adds up quick. Best thing is it can be combined with other deals... So a 15% off sale turns into 25% off!

Feb 5, 2016 Feng
Feb 5, 2016
Best membership

This membership offers more discount than others and all time free return adds a bonus to this great purchase.

Feb 5, 2016 JackieSK
Feb 5, 2016
Awesome Buy!

Great purchase saved a bundle and can't wait to save more. Excellent as it lets you save more on sale items as well.

Feb 4, 2016 acmcdonaldgp
Feb 4, 2016
What a deal!

Spend a few dollars and get 10% off every other purchase, even for sale items, forever?

Wow. Great deal!

Feb 4, 2016 Joseph
Feb 4, 2016
Makes sense

An easy purchase. Pays for itself if you are an outdoor aficionado and need the right gear.

Feb 4, 2016 Ty
Feb 4, 2016
worth it

If you plan on stocking up on some gear, this is well worth it. Made it worth while just in 1 purchase and will certainly help the cost on future ones ;)

Feb 1, 2016 Catniptoo
Feb 1, 2016
Great money saver

Lifetime membership is a first rate idea. Not only do you save money over the long run it adds up to substantial savings.. A wonderful ides to support. Thank you!

Feb 1, 2016 N
Feb 1, 2016

Saved me a bunch on my first order, literally paid for itself and more!

Jan 30, 2016 HikerGirl
Jan 30, 2016
Well worth it!

Definitely would recommend the lifetime membership. It will pay for itself in no time!

Jan 29, 2016 Byron
Jan 29, 2016

Great value!! Made the money back on the first purchase.

Jan 29, 2016 Import916
Jan 29, 2016

The membership paid for itself on my first order. Good savings!

Jan 29, 2016 D
Jan 29, 2016

Pays for itself!

Jan 28, 2016 mazforlife
Jan 28, 2016
So worth it!

Pays for itself the first time and just keeps being worth it

Jan 28, 2016 Marty
Jan 28, 2016
Good call.

Does what it says it does and pays for itself.

Jan 26, 2016 PTtravler
Jan 26, 2016

This membership just makes sense if you are a person that enjoys the outdoors

Jan 25, 2016 TravelChick
Jan 25, 2016
awesome deal

The membership pays for itself! No brainer purchase. Get yours now

Jan 24, 2016 stargazer
Jan 24, 2016
EXTREMELY Impressed with service

No question about the membership being one of the best I am part of

Jan 22, 2016 Avalon0507
Jan 22, 2016

The membership pays for itself. Love it.

Jan 21, 2016 Laura
Jan 21, 2016
This is a great value!

This membership paid for itself with the first item I bought. And 10% off everything I buy forever more. The best deal hands down.

Jan 20, 2016 Fern
Jan 20, 2016
Fantastic deal!

Lifetime membership pays for itself with one large purchase or several smaller ones overtime. The additional 10% off makes discounted items an much better deal than they already are. I totally recommend a lifetime membership.

Jan 18, 2016 mtlcold
Jan 18, 2016
pays for itself on first large purchase

Nice to have if making a large purchase. 10% lifetime discount is well worth it.

Jan 18, 2016 Jin
Jan 18, 2016
Discount is great!

I'm glad I got the membership. I already purchased a few things and the discounts through the membership paid for the membership itself!
I will continue to buy from Liveoutthere.:)

Jan 18, 2016 Lam
Jan 18, 2016

Before you buy anything in this store you should buy this lifetime membership,the money that you save it is paid for itself.good product and service.

Jan 17, 2016 GodPepito
Jan 17, 2016
Best program out there

You won't find any better program elsewhere. 10% OFF everything is hard to beat.

Jan 14, 2016 EC
Jan 14, 2016
Great return on the money spent, awesome!

Savings for a lifetime, it beats evebody else.

Jan 13, 2016 John
Jan 13, 2016
Service was fast, products are great. Extremely useful for any adventurer.

With a no hassle return policy, I have never been concerned with the fit. Fortunately every always does fit.

Jan 13, 2016 Shananarama
Jan 13, 2016
Love this idea!

So awesome, great way to build a community of local outdoor gear enthusiasts!

Jan 12, 2016 RY
Jan 12, 2016

Very useful.

Jan 12, 2016 Just123
Jan 12, 2016

Cost 20$ and I saved 40$! Just awesome!

Jan 12, 2016 Carlos
Jan 12, 2016
Amazing deal!

Lifetime membership is very worth it. You only pay once and I had already sved 20$ in 1 order. Best part is that the 10% is added onto any other discounts which is rare. Could not be happier with it.

Jan 12, 2016 Tetsuaki
Jan 12, 2016
It is awesome.

It s very good deal to get 10% discount on everything you order for your life-time. You can easily save more than $20. It really worth it.

Jan 12, 2016 Nas
Jan 12, 2016
very happy to get this

will be very useful

Jan 12, 2016 LinnievG
Jan 12, 2016
Great idea!!

Love having a membership, we had a large first purchase so the 10% we saved with our membership actually paid for it. Win win I say!

Jan 11, 2016 Great Incentive
Jan 11, 2016
My go-to store for outdoor now

I am happy to know that now on I will be able to count on additional discount always. I haven't been able to use it much yet but happy to know it is there. LiveOutThere.com is one of my go-to stores now.

Jan 11, 2016 kelou
Jan 11, 2016
Great deal!

Great deal!

Jan 11, 2016 bushman
Jan 11, 2016
Great jacket and live in my socks here at Horne Lake BC

Super jacket and I live in my socks here at Horne Lake BC

Jan 11, 2016 dk
Jan 11, 2016
worth it!

no exclusions!

Jan 10, 2016 alam
Jan 10, 2016
Good deal !

This is a good deal as the discount and shipping makes up for the membership cost pretty quickly.

Jan 10, 2016 LA
Jan 10, 2016
Worth it - a must buy

Great idea from the team at Live Out There. I will continue to use this website and getting 10% off is great

Jan 10, 2016 dkim
Jan 10, 2016
Well worth it!

The actual cost of the membership ended up being $7 after the 10% discount.

Jan 10, 2016 Sarah
Jan 10, 2016

Totally worth it.

Jan 10, 2016 Matus
Jan 10, 2016
Great idea

Why not get it? When I am searching Liveoutthere web site I already know, I can save 10%.

Jan 10, 2016 JD_in_YYC
Jan 10, 2016
10% Discount

This will pay for itself in no time at all!

Jan 10, 2016 Carillon
Jan 10, 2016

It is worth buying. I saved $20 for my first order. I can't believe it is valid for life.

Jan 10, 2016 ASD
Jan 10, 2016
More than worth it!

Fantastic deals from this Canadian company and with the extra 10% off, paid for itself on first purchase. Excellent shipment time!

Jan 10, 2016 ASD
Jan 10, 2016
More than worth it!

Fantastic deals from this Canadian company in addition to the 10% off, paid for itself on first purchase. Excellent shipment time!

Jan 10, 2016 MG
Jan 10, 2016
Excellent value !

It only takes one or two purchases to recoup your membership fee, and then you have savings on everything on a go forward. Live Out There provides top quality products, amazing customer service including free delivery to your door within a few days, and free returns if needed. If you often buy outdoor, recreational, casual gear, having this membe rship makes a lot of sense. Continue reading

Jan 10, 2016 SW
Jan 10, 2016
Good Buy

Received nice discount on my jacket's purchase. Good deal!

Jan 10, 2016 SW
Jan 10, 2016
Good Buy

Received a nice discount on my jacket's purchase. Good deal!

Jan 9, 2016 Vince
Jan 9, 2016

This membership is a no brainer. I bought a backpack from Liveoutthere, and the 10% off from this membership more than paid for itself in one purchase!

Jan 8, 2016 E.go
Jan 8, 2016
Why would you NOT buy this membership?!?

Worth every cent. This site is absolutely my new favourite shopping experience. Best prices on high quality clothing, gear and outerwear. The 10% lifetime discount keeps me coming back, knowing I save every single time!

Jan 7, 2016 Jaspreet
Jan 7, 2016
Worth it buy it

If you find yourself buying outdoor gear and want really cheap prices this site and membership are worth it. I bought a membership and ended up saving more than what I paid for it after one purchase. The fact that I can save 10% on already lower than retail price gear makes the membership worth every penny. Get one and save yourself some money on t he things you already were going to buy. Continue reading

Jan 6, 2016 Leo
Jan 6, 2016
Worth every penny

lifetime duration and low cost means this will pay for itself in no time.

Jan 6, 2016 Karen
Jan 6, 2016
Love it

Buy this!

Jan 5, 2016 Ron Pavon
Jan 5, 2016
If love outdoor clothing and gear, get this membership!

Live Out There is such a great store! Great products, service and free shipping and returns!

The lifetime Membership gives you an additional 10% off! If you're gonna buy more than $100 worth of stuff you should get this!

Jan 5, 2016 profboutin
Jan 5, 2016
Super idée! It is awesome!

Une initiative à ne pas laisser passer: votre 20$ sera «rentabilisé» dès les deux ou trois premiers achats (ce fut mon cas), surtout que le 10% s'applique sur tout, en tout temps, soldes incluses! A must-do; it's as simple as that!

Jan 4, 2016 AK
Jan 4, 2016

Love that it is a lifetime membership with lifetime discounts! Very affordable for what you are getting. Also love that it is a Canadian company! Wahoo!

Jan 1, 2016 mamabear
Jan 1, 2016
get it !!!!

will pay for itself quickly!!!

Jan 1, 2016 MarkhamMom
Jan 1, 2016
Good Deal!

Great deal and would totally recommend since it's Canadian and delivers within Canada!

Jan 1, 2016 Niki
Jan 1, 2016
Love it! Excellent service- fast delivery!

I am a new member and have ordered several items- with amazing service and full satisfaction! Being that I live in in a fairly remote area, I truly appreciate this amazing website, great value and superb service!

Dec 31, 2015 Jas
Dec 31, 2015
Buy it, pays itself off after even 2 purchases

Buy it, saved myself over 30 bucks on my first purchase, paid itself off right away and now its nice to have this for even smaller purchases.

Dec 31, 2015 FGM
Dec 31, 2015
A fantastic opportunity to support a great company, and save at the same time!

The membership to liveoutthere is fantastic, within my first purchase I had already saved more than what it cost - and it has only continued to pay off more and more!

Dec 30, 2015 EGH
Dec 30, 2015
Awesome deal

LOT provides great gear and even better service. No question that it's worth joining, even if this is your first purchase, for an additional 10% per purchase.

Dec 30, 2015 K.H.
Dec 30, 2015
Love this program!

With every purchase I get a discount which has more than paid for my membership! I really enjoy the free returns and shipping!!

Dec 28, 2015 Chris
Dec 28, 2015

Everytime I have to purchase an item, I get an additional discount, this is awesome!! And free shipping as well as on returns as well! Awesome program.!

Dec 28, 2015 Adang
Dec 28, 2015
Awesome deal

This is really a good deal. By becoming a permanent member, one got the benifit of free return and an extra 10% off discount. I have a similar membership in another online shopping website, which however, only give 5% discount...

Dec 28, 2015 Abindo
Dec 28, 2015
Great value It is a great value for continuing shopping at here.You get free return everytime

Discount is applied directly to order with the membership, how could you pass this up? One time fee, free returns, applies to every item available from Live Out There.

Dec 27, 2015 Emmanuel
Dec 27, 2015

Great membership for an extra 10% off and espacially free returns. I recommand it without hesitation!

Dec 27, 2015 Simon
Dec 27, 2015

10% off on anything and even on specail! Fantastic! That'2 the best 20$ I spend. I love LiveOutThere!!!!!

Dec 26, 2015 Lesley
Dec 26, 2015

Live out There sells excellent quality clothing. They often have sales and this membership allows you to get an additional ten percent off the sale price. A great deal! I highly recommend it.

Dec 26, 2015 cdefg
Dec 26, 2015

So cool to be able to add more of a discount even to the sales items. This makes online shopping so easy- no more shop and compare

Dec 24, 2015 lorne
Dec 24, 2015

the membership is a no-brainer, great idea

Dec 23, 2015 Runner
Dec 23, 2015

Don't hesitate. Just buy it and enjoy 10% off on everything including sale items. LiveOutThere has become my favourite online store!

Dec 22, 2015 Kim
Dec 22, 2015
Excellent value

This is great value for the money

Dec 22, 2015 Tross
Dec 22, 2015
What a deal!

Save an additional 10% even on sale items? Yes Please!

Dec 22, 2015 BC
Dec 22, 2015
Can't go wrong.

Good deal!

Dec 22, 2015 Jojo
Dec 22, 2015
That is great, I buy a lot online cause I am living in Northwest territories, that's a good way to save money

It paid itself one shot awesome

Dec 21, 2015 flyfisher
Dec 21, 2015
Great value

It only takes one or two purchases to pay for a membership. After that...it's extra savings!

Dec 19, 2015 Browney
Dec 19, 2015
It was perfect choice !

It just works perfect for any one who - regular or casual buyer from Liveoutthere ! Highly recommended !

Dec 18, 2015 Rory Tanner
Dec 18, 2015
Great products, charged twice!

Great products at a great price (Black Friday) but I was charged twice for my order putting me in my overdraft! I was refunded within a few days but was annoying none the less.

Dec 16, 2015 Joe
Dec 16, 2015
No-brainer, well worth it

No-brainer with the 10% discount on everything all the time and great service.

Dec 16, 2015 Dan
Dec 16, 2015
Great idea

Extra 10 percent off all the time - even on sale items? Yea! Sounds great!

Dec 15, 2015 Jim
Dec 15, 2015

Great deal, would recommend to anyone!

Dec 14, 2015 Adam
Dec 14, 2015
Perfect if you intend on eventually spending over 200$

We bought a bunch of stuff for Black Friday and the membership payed itself over twice in the process.

Dec 14, 2015 Alice Glass
Dec 14, 2015
Great deal!

Such a great deal if you are going to make use of it or at least purchase one item with a price tag greater than $199.90

Dec 13, 2015 EGH
Dec 13, 2015

A no-brainer: all LOT customers should join. You're going to come back, so why not save an extra 10% on it all?

Dec 13, 2015 Justin
Dec 13, 2015
Great if you use live out there often, pays for itself!


Dec 13, 2015 CLB
Dec 13, 2015
Good choice, we love shopping at live out there.

Highly recommended!!

Dec 12, 2015 RJH
Dec 12, 2015

Basically if you spend $200 it's free!

Dec 12, 2015 Don
Dec 12, 2015
Well worth it

Paid for itself with first purchase

Dec 12, 2015 Simon
Dec 12, 2015

En plus de la livraison et des retours gratuits, maintenant un 10% à vie. Très content!

Dec 12, 2015 Kevin
Dec 12, 2015
Worth it

10% on top of sales makes it very worth it.

Dec 11, 2015 Ben
Dec 11, 2015
Love the site - the gear - the service - will come here as much as possible.

If you're an outdoors person the membership makes sense.

Dec 11, 2015 Chris
Dec 11, 2015

Everytime i have something to purchase, I get 10%, how awesome is this! Great store, great customer service too!

Dec 10, 2015 Scott
Dec 10, 2015
Great value

Bought two jackets and the membership saved me more than $80 dollars

Dec 10, 2015 Yukon Eric
Dec 10, 2015
I would recommend picking this up

The Lifetime Membership is a no brainer. You easily make back your money by ordering a few items from this already great website.

Dec 10, 2015 Kaz
Dec 10, 2015

Bit of a no-brainer for me as it won't take too long to recoup the membership cost and then it's just more savings from then on. It's never too hard to find something I like...

Dec 10, 2015 Andrew
Dec 10, 2015
Great buy!

Membership is a great buy! I've already made my money back from all my savings! Great customer service and super fast shipping!

Dec 10, 2015 Bobby
Dec 10, 2015
Great deal

One of the best membership deals available in canada for this type of store, If you're doing any amount of gearing up you'll have it paid off in no time!

Dec 9, 2015 Laurentian skier
Dec 9, 2015
easy to order with your menber ship and free shipping is the cherry on top

perfect place to order sport Equipment with good price and fast delivery

Dec 9, 2015 Tmw1337
Dec 9, 2015
Great discount

No brainer if you're making a purchase over 200!

Dec 9, 2015 Tawheela
Dec 9, 2015

Paid it off with first purchase

Dec 9, 2015 Matt
Dec 9, 2015

Cant go wrong with 10% off everything. Well worth the 20$... Its a no brainer in my min!

Dec 9, 2015 Mark
Dec 9, 2015

You all gotta buy the Lifetime membership. Just imagine getting 10% off of all your purchases. Makes me keep on coming back to shop here at LiveOutThere. Great service, and fast shipping here too.

Dec 8, 2015 snake2222
Dec 8, 2015

a great way to save $

Dec 7, 2015 Fern
Dec 7, 2015

This is added bonus for a company I love

Dec 7, 2015 Cristi
Dec 7, 2015

Best deal ever! It paid off with my first purchase!

Dec 7, 2015 Liz
Dec 7, 2015
Great value

The lifetime membership is a great value. Well worth the $20.00. I would recommend it to all of my friends.

Dec 6, 2015 Having a ball
Dec 6, 2015
Can't wait to use it.

You spend $20 and you get 10% off your purchases for a lifetime - how sweet is that!

Dec 6, 2015 Rob
Dec 6, 2015
Easy decision

Perfect idea.

Dec 6, 2015 Robbyrob11
Dec 6, 2015

Made up the cost on first purchase

Dec 4, 2015 Cat
Dec 4, 2015
Good Deal

As long as you're spending $200+, it's worth getting the lifetime membership!

Dec 4, 2015 Danny boy
Dec 4, 2015

Lifetime membership. YES PLEASE!!

Dec 3, 2015 Vito
Dec 3, 2015
No brainer

10% discount for liveoutthere.com for 20 bucks. Pays off as soon as you spend 200$. Good deal.

Dec 3, 2015 Christene
Dec 3, 2015
So far, so good, nive to get the discount.

I like the idea of getting an automatic discount, it really helps.

Dec 3, 2015 LC
Dec 3, 2015
Great deal!

Save 10% off all the time, Great deal!

Dec 2, 2015 Bon
Dec 2, 2015
One-time investment, lifelong benefit.

One-time investment, lifelong benefit.I love it!

Dec 2, 2015 bobbyg
Dec 2, 2015
All goods purchased are top quality and the return guarentee is "best in class"

Recently purchased a jacket and approach shoes,unfortunately their fit wasn't quite right so were returned easily and surprisingly FREE.
Consequently I spoke with one of the online agents who was extremely knowledge who helped with a replacement jacket which was the correct fit for me.

Nov 30, 2015 Saidul
Nov 30, 2015

A practical loyalty program!

Nov 25, 2015 JIN
Nov 25, 2015
Great deal

Great offer,every time 10% discount ....

Nov 25, 2015 randomremy
Nov 25, 2015
Great service how can you lose

Great service and save all the time.

Nov 25, 2015 randomremy
Nov 25, 2015
How can you lose

great service and lifetime savings!

Nov 24, 2015 Frostiex
Nov 24, 2015
Wicked deal!

This is awesome deal! Love how it also works for sale items! Unreal benefit!!!

Nov 24, 2015 Jon
Nov 24, 2015
A great way to motivate repeat buying...

Great website, great customer service, and now greater discounts....awesome!

Nov 23, 2015 Old Bald Guy With Pot Belly and no Money
Nov 23, 2015

How can you go wrong when you get to help a worthwhile cause and have a guilt free excuse to buy more cool stuff?

Nov 23, 2015 XC
Nov 23, 2015
Awesome Deal!

This membership is an awesome deal, it applies instantly to your account and stacks with other discounts!

Nov 23, 2015 Robert H
Nov 23, 2015
Great value!

Ten percent off all of the time? Even on sale items? This one is a no-brainer!

Nov 23, 2015 Saimon7777
Nov 23, 2015

Excellent offer, 10% extra over all other offers, it pays off by itself with the first buy.

Nov 22, 2015 DEM
Nov 22, 2015
Great membership discount

Happy to be a member - love the 10% discount!

Nov 22, 2015 fmf132
Nov 22, 2015
Lifetime...that's awesome!

Is a no brainer if you buy anything more that $200...

Nov 22, 2015 Mike
Nov 22, 2015
Awesome for repeat customers!

It paid for itself on my first purchase is a great way to keep me coming back.

Nov 22, 2015 Paul
Nov 22, 2015

Discount on gear? How can you go wrong

Nov 21, 2015 paulrobmart
Nov 21, 2015
great company... excellent service which is very refreshing!

Very happy

Nov 21, 2015 Timothy
Nov 21, 2015

Great way to save money!!!

Nov 21, 2015 JL
Nov 21, 2015

This is the must to have

Nov 21, 2015 WQY
Nov 21, 2015
Amazing deal !

Really great deal for everyone. Go to get it !

Nov 20, 2015 Chris
Nov 20, 2015
Great deal

10% off is pretty awesome if you spend any money here. It stacks on top of all their other promotions so it can really help save lots.

Nov 20, 2015 Roy
Nov 20, 2015
Such a deal

Used in on a recent major purchase in conjunction with a sale and it was honored.

Nov 20, 2015 Mariya
Nov 20, 2015

It always nice got discount.

Nov 20, 2015 Vincent
Nov 20, 2015
Everyone should get it

It's a really great deal to get discount from every purchase !

Nov 19, 2015 Martin
Nov 19, 2015
Awesomely perfect !..

This is a must if you plan on shopping here, even if it's not often, it's for life so you know it will eventually pay off so go for it...

Nov 19, 2015 Marco
Nov 19, 2015

20$ for ton of savings ? It is totaly worth it !

Nov 18, 2015 Jillana
Nov 18, 2015

Great discount to have for awesome merchandise.

Nov 18, 2015 Guilag
Nov 18, 2015
Great discount on an excellent choice of gears

The customer service is also very kind! Thx a lot live out there!

Nov 17, 2015 jake
Nov 17, 2015

Perfect for our last minute shopping With a discount

Nov 17, 2015 SL
Nov 17, 2015

Perfect for our last minute shopping With a discount

Nov 15, 2015 Marc-Andre
Nov 15, 2015

Quelle bonne idée!! Je l'ai rentabilisé avec mon premier achat et en plus on peut l'ajouter aux autres promotions!! Merci Live Out There!!!

Nov 15, 2015 Taco
Nov 15, 2015

Wouldn't know why you wouldn't take this membership

Nov 13, 2015 SMacT
Nov 13, 2015
Great offer !

Every "nickel" counts !!

Nov 12, 2015 Glenn
Nov 12, 2015
Great I saved more than the membership fees on first order

everything fit perfectly

Nov 12, 2015 Pat
Nov 12, 2015

Awesome membership. If you plan on spending at least $200 in your lifetime at LOT then this is a no brainer!

Nov 12, 2015 eap
Nov 12, 2015
Great concept, well executed.

I am very happy when a store recognizes my loyalty. This membership does not require annual renewal, and gives me a meaningful discount every time.

Nov 12, 2015 anallac
Nov 12, 2015
Love the Lifetime membership discount!

I love that LiveOutThere is always thinking of ways to offer great deals and discounts to their customers. This new discount guarantees that you will always get 10% off. Thank you!

Nov 11, 2015 Dani
Nov 11, 2015
Great idea.

Great idea for sure. Hope it will work without glitches. My experience with the website was pretty good so far.

Nov 11, 2015 D Mac
Nov 11, 2015
Needs some work

This membership is a great idea and I've been a lifetime member the past year for an identical one to this.
This particular one either has some bugs that need to be sorted or the wording is just misleading. Most online "sales" come as discount codes which this membership doesnt actually work in conjuction with like it says.
I would have no doubt jumped at this offer thinking it'd work like my other membership.Thankfully I was grandfathered into this membership at no cost or I would have regretted my purchase. Continue reading

Nov 11, 2015 Ryan.C
Nov 11, 2015

Awesome! Love to shop at live out there.

Nov 11, 2015 DMac
Nov 11, 2015

Great idea, much like a competitors. It doesnt work in conjuction with other discounts like they claim though so be aware before you purchase.

Nov 10, 2015 JR
Nov 10, 2015
Awesome deals and service!

Love to shop at live out there! Thanks!

Nov 10, 2015 Shunts6
Nov 10, 2015
Love this site, love creating loyalty.

Finally a Canadian site for gear junkies! Excellent sales and service.

Nov 9, 2015 D Miller
Nov 9, 2015
Not 10% after all

Does not work in conjunction with discount codes like it said it would. Referred a friend and was not allowed access to the $25 referral credit. Customer service said that this was done through a third party and LOT was having problems with the provider. So he gave me a code that should give me $25 off an order over $100. I tried it on a $200 or der and it bumped my lifetime membership credit that was suppose to work on everything. Frustrated. Continue reading

Nov 9, 2015 Acanadiansmith
Nov 9, 2015
10 percent off for life!

Great idea and gives yet another reason to buy products from this awesome company

Nov 8, 2015 Michael
Nov 8, 2015

I really like this website allot and i'm glad I invested in a membership. I know it will be worth it because I get 10% off everything :0 Great canadian website for outdoor gear and I love how the website has so many promotions that not only the customer and website benefit from but also charity organizations. Overall impressed with the professional service. Now I would like to see more products appear on the website. Continue reading

Nov 7, 2015 matti
Nov 7, 2015

10% off for life, can't go wrong!

Nov 7, 2015 Marty
Nov 7, 2015
Easy peasy

$20 for 10%, gotta buy for $200 to start reapin' the gravy. I buy more than that a year here so was easy decision for me. Plus good also on sale item, whatcha waiting for?

Nov 7, 2015 Spike M.
Nov 7, 2015
Perfectly Awesome!..

I got this while using my $50 credit I got for donating $25 to a good cause, that's how perfect it was for me, Awesome!..

Nov 6, 2015 John
Nov 6, 2015

What can I say, 10% off !!!

Nov 6, 2015 petvetguy
Nov 6, 2015
This Rocks

I have already paid for this membership and expect to keep saving money with it.

Nov 6, 2015 Mirvat
Nov 6, 2015

Very good deal especially on sale items.

Nov 6, 2015 lsarchitect
Nov 6, 2015

Love the added deals and the continued loyal support!

Nov 6, 2015 Aleatoris
Nov 6, 2015
What's not to like?

It's great, It's automatic!

Nov 5, 2015 Fern
Nov 5, 2015

I like this and the way it works. It is automatic as you shop!

Nov 5, 2015 frostiex
Nov 5, 2015
Awesome deal

Love how it also works on sale items

Nov 5, 2015 Frostiex
Nov 5, 2015
Good deal!

Very good idea. best part. even works on sale items! way to go!

Nov 5, 2015 Marie-Helene
Nov 5, 2015
Glad to be a member

Such a good idea! I purchase lots of gear and love LiveOutThere.com. The membership paid by itself when I purchased my new sleeping bag!

Nov 4, 2015 Tehol
Nov 4, 2015

Take the best outdoor clothing and equipment website and retailer ever and then give yourself an extra 10% off for ever....nuff said - BUY THIS

Nov 4, 2015 Charles
Nov 4, 2015
Great idea !

Great shopping experience, you get the product you need and with the deals you need. Coats, boots, anything that I need, I got here. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Nov 3, 2015 Lo
Nov 3, 2015

I saved more money with this than it cost on my first purchase! Awesome :)

Nov 3, 2015 Bev
Nov 3, 2015
Awesome Idea!

Knowing that I'll be saving money every time I shop makes me want to spent just a little more time checking things out. I love a good sale!

Nov 3, 2015 Clo
Nov 3, 2015
Awesome deals and service!!!

I love the fact that it is Canadian, and I am always happy about my purchases, I tell everyone about it too!!

Nov 3, 2015 Ritchie
Nov 3, 2015
Great idea

Life time, I hope will be a long time.

Nov 2, 2015 Krovv
Nov 2, 2015

The prices are already hard to beat and the service flawless, I almost feel like a thief to get an extra 10% off. I got in my money on my first order.

Nov 2, 2015 Ben
Nov 2, 2015
A good Idea, for the consumer and the Company

I got this right away and have already "paid out" my membership. Afterwards, I did realize the fact that because LiveOutThere also created the TheVan, (their sale site) it is more likely they will have a lot less 40-50% sales on LiveOutThere.
So while you think this is amazing deal, realize that it is not AS good as you think it
And to note that it is 10% of the already discounted price, not the original price on sales

Continue reading

Nov 2, 2015 Mags
Nov 2, 2015
Great company! Awesome deals

Live Out There is my favourite shopping experience. You get the products you want for deals you can't find anywhere else. I've bought coats, ski boots, bags, honestly I wouldn't shop anywhere else. The lifetime warrenty is a no brainer for an additional deal every time.

Nov 2, 2015 picmaster
Nov 2, 2015
Wow, great idea

20$ for a lifetime membership of 10% is a steal. LOT always have a good selling price, now they will be unbeatable.

Nov 2, 2015 paul g
Nov 2, 2015
great deal

I am a big fan of Live Out There and this deal is a no brainer! Love it.

Nov 2, 2015 Huntcatnip
Nov 2, 2015
Worth every penny. Great idea. I've saved a lot of money.

Continue the good ideas.

Nov 2, 2015 EastCoaster
Nov 2, 2015

I love their service, friendliness, and professionalism, free returns, and more. Several reasons why I can highly recommend LiveOutThere. Membership is definitely worth it!

Oct 30, 2015 Caligari
Oct 30, 2015

The BEST outdoor store there ever was or ever will be, offers a way to save 10% on all purchases. It's a no brainer!

Oct 29, 2015 Pat
Oct 29, 2015

Love Live Out There, have bought everything from shoes to helmets to backpacks off this site and they all have been perfect! Favorite Canadian company - quick shipping, great customer service, etc. The lifetime membership just makes it all the better! If you plan on spending more than $200 over your lifetime here, definitely get the membership!

Oct 22, 2015 Mike
Oct 22, 2015
Loyalty! This is a must.

If you buy regularly, or even seldomly, this membership is a no-brainer! Definitely a must!

Oct 22, 2015 buyallthethings
Oct 22, 2015
Way to treat customers right!

Really pleased LOT offered the Lifetime membership to existing accounts. What a great way to show appreciation to their customers. I have found their selection and service to be excellent and am happy to deal with an awesome Canadian company. Plus free shipping! Can't wait to get some more gear.

Oct 20, 2015 schparrow
Oct 20, 2015
A great day for gear heads!

I have already recently become a big fan of LiveOutThere.com for the great products, free shipping, and pricing....but now I get more than that as a member? DIG IT!

Oct 19, 2015 Clay
Oct 19, 2015
Loyalty Appreciation!

Nice to see loyal/longstanding customers given some perks, and useful ones at that. Kudos!

Oct 19, 2015 sking
Oct 19, 2015
Awesome! Totally Awesome! Thank you, Live Out There.

How can something this good get even better? You got it!

Oct 19, 2015 TeslaMS
Oct 19, 2015
Fantastic offer

Will have me get more gear from Live Out There.

Oct 19, 2015 Appy
Oct 19, 2015
Fantastic offer to support returning customers.

I've always found Live Out There fantastic with keeping customers and this is another way of showing appreciation. Nicely done.

Oct 18, 2015 Michel
Oct 18, 2015
Just right

The store unfortunately only had a M left, and I did pick up a few extra pounds. So very much looking forward to receiving my jacket -- even if I now must wear L -- I still don't look like it wearing the Helix Vest

Oct 18, 2015 Rosi
Oct 18, 2015

Well its nice and will fidelyse me!

Oct 14, 2015 Kenny
Oct 14, 2015
Amazing value

worth every penny, I saved more than the price of the membership on my first order!!

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