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This Resource… is more than just your average dictionary. It's an opportunity for recreational enthusiast types to dive into the definitions of terms that they can't stop talking about at dinner parties, laughing about in parking lots, debating on trails, yelling ahead/back on runs and whispering about in offices. So, rest your chin in your hand, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself in the wild world that is the great outdoors. No poncho or bug spray necessary.

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  • Longitude: A location’s East-West position along a meridian, measured in degrees working around the earth parallel to the Prime Meridian at zero degrees and intersecting with lines of latitude, which run parallel to the Equator, also at zero degrees. Lines of longitude appear to be vertical with varying curvature, but are actually halves of great ellipses. They have identical radii at given latitude.… Read More
  • Piste: A marked ski run or path on an established ski resort, used for skiing, snowboarding and other mountain spots. Piste is originally a French word that means trail or track, and indicates terrain that is inbounds and patrolled. These runs are classified in terms of their difficulty – Green Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond or Double – Triple Black Diamond – from easiest to most… Read More
  • Seam Seal: Seam seal is a substance that allows for the waterproofing of seams in preparation for wet weather. It comes in a tube, and can be applied to seams that have come apart or are in need of sealing. Sealant should be applied anywhere there is a stitch, to ultimately waterproof your tent. The application of seam sealant is done with a plunger and a brush (the sealant is sticky), squeezing the… Read More
  • Waterproof/Breathable: Outerwear that has the ability to only keep the body dry and protected from water, while also allowing for the body to breathe in that fabric. This indicates that the body is able to regulate temperature while wearing the material. Not all materials keep dry as well as releasing heat; some apparel traps heat simultaneously to providing a barrier to wetness, resulting in the body overheating… Read More
  • Zipper: A zipper is a device that seals and binds two edges of open fabric. Typically, zippers are found on clothing or equipment that need to have the ability to be opened and closed. They are multi-use, ranging from joining two sides, attaching or detaching ends of a garment, decorating an item and increasing or decreasing an opening in fabric. Formerly known as a clasp locker, the method of the… Read More

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